Velvet Throne Designs Shop Update

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi Everyone,
I've added a couple of new collections to my Etsy Shop.  I'll be adding a few more pieces but check it out and please be sure to LIKE Velvet Throne Designs on Facebook :)

The "MINT + GOLD = LOVE" Collection


The Wooden Beads "COLOR BLOCK" Necklace Collection

This color block necklace was inspired by the PRADA Spring 2012 RTW Collection Colors

I just LOVE this dress!
(image above from

More to come! :)

What to pack in my Hospital Delivery Bag?

Monday, June 25, 2012

The time has come to finally pack my hospital bag in case I go into labor.  The last ultrasound I had before I left the hospital said that Ryker's due date moved up to June 25th, which is today, but it could just mean that he's just a big boy.  Nonetheless, he could come any day now and here's what I decided to pack in my labor bag:

I love this LV Graffiti Neverfull Bag - I used it as Keira's baby bag when she was born.  It fits a ton of things and the bright pink graffiti writing makes me smile :)

What's in my Labor Toiletry Bag?

I ran out of my Mama Mio oil so I wanted to try something else so I picked up this Organix Argan Dry Oil which says it helps to restore elasticity. You can also use this oil in the shower for added moisture and when you get out of the shower to seal it in.  So far I LOVE how it feels - not greasy at all plus the price is great at $8!

I don't think they provided these at the hospital but they're always good to have

This eyeliner is AMAZING because it just does NOT budge, especially along the waterline.  Eyeliner is part of my daily makeup routine, it helps open and brighten up my eyes.  I normally use MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, but this waterproof one would be best to apply before going into the hospital so it won't come off during the labor process and your eyes won't look so tired in photos :)  Plus it doesn't irritate my eyes at all and I have to wear contacts, so I absolutely love it.

Blush is one of my favorite beauty products because it can help contour and brighten up your face. I got this blush in color SUNSWEPT it has golden and pink tones that are beautiful together.

This was in the Labor Kit that Kim made - I had to take all her essentials with me!

These were also in the Labor Kit that Kim made.  You can never have enough hair ties or clips to keep the hair out of your face during labor!

I can't forget my contact solution and case

10.  Toothbrush & Toothpaste

TIP:  Use Large Ziploc bags to help separate your clothes from your little one's clothes so it's easy to find and their clothes stay clean in the bag.  

Clothes I packed for ME:

- 2 PJ Sets
- Nursing Tank Tops & Bras
- Comfortable Underwear
- Lightweight Robe 
- Leggings
- Comfy and loose clothes to come home in
- My eye glasses & case

Things I packed for BABY:

(* Before I packed his clothes I washed them all in DREFT and put them in the dryer with Bounce Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets to prevent irritation)

- Baby no-scratch Mittens 
- Tiny socks (that look like little Jordan shoes)
- Onesies 
- Hat
- Soft blanket
- Little Pampers bag with a couple newborn diapers and wipes (the hospital should have these too)
- Clothes for Picture Time (most hospitals have a photographer that comes around to take the babies first photos so it's good to have an outfit picked out in case)

Other things I'll take are:

- Camera
- Slippers (which I'll probably wear on my way to the hospital)
- Flip Flops to wear in the shower
- Hair Brush
- Installed Car Seat & Base for taking the baby home
- My Nook for reading during the day
- A mini reading light
- iPhone for playing music in the room
- My list of contacts (family & close friends) for Erik to text when I go into labor

Now, it's just time to wait for those lovely contractions to begin!

For all of you expecting soon, I wish you the best of luck for a beautiful and safe delivery! Congratulations!

The Most Creative DIY Baby Shower Gifts!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My friend Kim (who is also expecting a baby boy in July) made me the CUTEST Baby Shower presents that I told her I had to do a post on it! It's so creative and useful and I just love them! 
Thank you so much Kim!

The Diaper Cake on the left and she cut out Ryker's name!
The gift basket on the right was labeled "Hospital Survival Kit" and you have to see what's in this!!!
So cute I don't want to ever take it apart!
Genius! You bet I'll be taking these with me to the hospital!

Kit Contents:  Chewing gum, Cotton Candy, Mini Oreos, Hand Sanitizer labeled "Sanitize before Snuggles",  hair ties (can't have enough of these), mini Aveeno lotion, mini facial tissue box, makeup remover cleansing wipes, a hair clip, soft lips moisturizer

Remember to always tell people, "Sanitize before Snuggles" when holding the new little one!

Thanks so much Kim! You're so creative!

Baby Shower Photo Updates

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hi Everyone -
I apologize for the delays in post updates - I only have a few weeks left before Ryker comes, and somehow I've managed to get Carpel Tunnel on both my wrists so it's been quite difficult to type with the numbness.  So I wanted to post a few more photo updates from the baby shower.  These photos were taken by another talented photographer friend of ours, Albert.  Check out his work HERE.

Everyone drew on a Onesie for Ryker to wear! I can't wait to post pics of the little guy wearing them!
These girls alongside my friend Kim, my Mom, Mother-in-law, and Sister-in-law - all made this event just PERFECT! I can't thank you guys enough for all your support!
My close friend Serena and I both have daughters that are 3 and are now pregnant together again.   She actually just had her baby - a beautiful baby girl just last week! Congratulations!!!
I just love this backyard dock view!
* Photos by Capture Culture

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddy's and daddy to be's! I hope you all enjoy your beautiful day today!
We had a wonderful breakfast with Erik's parents this morning and Keira surprised him with a "kite" filled with wonderful photos of her and daddy and mommy growing up! It was beautiful!

Bits of Our Week

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The time is near and my days have been packed with so much to do, so I apologize for the lag in posts this past week! With Keira's 3rd birthday party coming up and a new baby boy on his way, I know this month is just going to fly by!  

I made Keira & I some matching crystal bracelets since we're both Gemini's celebrating our birthdays this weekend!

Busy working on some earring orders this week for Velvet Throne.  I'll be posting NEW items in my shop by mid next week!  Can't wait to show you guys!

Velvet Throne "Simple Mint & Gold" Earring
Photo Credit: Ron Coquia

Velvet Throne Orange & Black SF Giants Inspired earrings
Photo Credit: Ron Coquia

Oma & Opa's birthday gift to Keira was Ballet & Tap dance classes so she is extremely excited to start & she practices every single day!  Thank you Oma & Opa!

Oh the joys of being a kid!


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