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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The importance of having a ritual or regular practice has become more apparent in my life these past few months. With the increase in time that I am able to spend caring for my family, taking care of unfinished projects, building my business, writing, helping the kids with homework, reading and making sure dinner is made each night -  the need to make time for myself to get centered, clear my mind and prepare myself for the day has become so important.  It helps me to gain clarity with what I need to accomplish each day and helps me efficiently complete tasks so I'm not overwhelmed and stressed by the end of the day.

There's been a number of lessons I've learned and tips on a number of things I've encountered that I'll share with you, but today I felt the urge to share my personal meditation space with you.  I created a space in my new studio where I go each morning to meditate.  This photo above shows how it looks like - with my meditation pillow (yes it's furry and I love it), along with some of my crystals that I use.  I'm a big rock and crystal collector, I've been ever since I was little.  When I was 4, my parents took me to the Grand Canyon and when we got back to the car they were wondering why my backpack was so heavy? Of course, I had filled it completely with stones! So now, I try to carry on my tradition and purchase a stone whenever I travel or when close family and friends travel they bring me stones back from their trips. I LOVE it and it's more meaningful that way.

I have a beautiful purple/fuchsia Belgium rug on my studio floor that I feel is just naturally grounding, so I set my mediation pillow down on it, light a candle, choose some crystals for the day,  plop right down and close my eyes. 

Here's what's pictured above:

1) Grey faux fur meditation pillow (ok, actually it is a dog pillow, but I fell in love with how pretty and comfortable it was in the store and it turned out to be perfect).  I found mine at Home Goods, but there is a similar one HERE.  I'd been searching for the perfect meditation pillow for a while and I couldn't quite find one that I really loved and that reflected my personal style, until I ran across this faux fur pillow. Sometimes the best things come in unexpected places.

2) Crystal Quartz Cluster - I found this with my sister at the Mystic Dream Shop on a day trip in Walnut Creek.  It's one of those rare finds I was drawn to - right when I saw it and held it I knew it was meant for me! 

3) Tiger's Eye Point - My sister got this for me for my birthday a couple years ago. It's a great stone for grounding + she's a Reiki master so she charged it for me as well.

4) Salt Rock Tea Light Candleholder - creates an amazing glow

5) Raw Rose Quartz - My parents brought this love stone back for me from Baden-Baden, Germany. 

5) Selenite Wand - I'm selling a few in my shop HERE so it's easy to purchase + I'm offering it with GOLD German Glass Glitter as well.
click HERE for availability

The Healing Properties of Selenite include:
- Removing energy blocks
- Opening up the crown chakra for meditation
- Bringing forward mental clarity
- Aura Cleansing
- Strengthening personal transformation

If you have a little more time on your hands and would like to create a more visual guided meditation practice, listening to Lisa Nichols' Creative Visualization really helped me.  Each meditation is about 15-20 minutes long and it very vivid and detailed in helping to create the reality you would like to bring into your experience.  You can also check out  Gabrielle Bernstein's guided visualizations on YouTube.  Gabby has great information and tips on building a spiritual practice. I love hearing her speak and reading her books - Miracles Now is one of my favorite books which I regularly refer back to.

However, even if you have just 5 minutes a day before heading off to work to stop, sit and center yourself, it can really make what seems to be an overwhelming day ahead filled with a long to-do list, much more manageable in your mind.  It might take a little bit of practice to quiet down the thoughts in your head, but after a few days I already felt a shift in my mind and body.  Hey, it's definitely worth a shot! 


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