Pregnancy Update - Time to come out!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I've been trying almost everything to try to get this little guy out, but Ryker just seems to like it in there!  The last ultrasound put me up to the due date of June 25th - which is now 8 days ago!  So my doc says that if he doesn't come out by July 9th they can induce me (which I really hope they don't have to do).  I sure hope he comes out soon we can't wait to meet him, and this load is getting a bit too heavy for me to carry around nowadays.  

Look how much bigger he's gotten!

Plus, I'm running out of clothes that even fit around my belly!  Luckily, this dress still fit me gave me something to wear for my good friend Caroline's surprise 30th birthday party!

I've been getting frequent contractions at night time (as I'm typing right now actually), so I'll keep you posted in case he wants to really be a 4th of July Baby!

Have a wonderful Holiday tomorrow everyone!

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