Hello December!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Wow! The last month of the year is already here and I can't believe it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations once again.  It's unbelievable to think that this time last year Ryker was just a tiny little thing inside my tiny little belly bump! It's hard to believe how fast he's grown.  At his last Doc visit she said that he is in the 97+ percentile in height and the 90 Percentile in weight....the boy's BIG and a part of me is sad that he's growing so fast!

Ryker in my tummy just last year...
Ryker outside of my tummy NOW!
Last year, we got a larger Christmas tree and I decorated it with Peacock feathers and jewel toned ornaments.  This year, we let Keira pick out the tree and she picked out a smaller Douglas fir which I thought was so cute and just perfect for us. Great job Keira!

I originally wanted to decorate the tree with Black & Gold Christmas ornaments, but decided to save some money this year and go with what we had before since our personalized ornaments collection has already started to grow.  In my opinion, what better way to decorate your family Christmas tree than with your own sentimental family ornaments... so I thought I would continue on that tradition going forward.  Hmm...what should I do this year? 

I have some DIY project ideas for Christmas ornaments and gifts I also want to share with you so please stay tuned.  I apologize for the slight delay in posts last week the holidays are always so busy, but I promise more posts this week :)

Also, I've added more paintings to my shop, please stop by and check it out HERE.


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