Work in Progress: Ryker's Room

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Once Upon A Time / Hollywood Regency / Woodsy theme for baby Ryker's room is slowly coming along. I had to do a switch-a-roo with the kids bedrooms and move Keira into the larger bedroom and have her old bedroom become Ryker's nursery since it's closest to our bedroom.  It took A LOT of work and A LOT of paint to cover this Teal Blue color.

Here's what Keira's room looked like right before we did the swap.

I went a little crazy with the wall decals when I did Keira's room last year
My husband was such a trooper helping me paint and move all the furniture around

This is what I'm going to miss most! Keira's Growth Marks on her wall :(

Then, I had Erik help me paint the room Gallery White with Behr Ultra Premium Paint

After about 2 weeks of having the paint dry and waiting for my wall decals to arrive from StyleyWalls -I was able to put up the vinyl tree decals on the wall. I still have to put the yellow bird decals up, but I wanted to wait until after all the furniture was in place.

I loved that the trees were extra long and I just trimmed them to the height I wanted them to be.
I'm so happy that I was able to find this Grey Crib at an affordable price from  All the other Grey cribs I found online were over $600 and since Keira only slept in her crib for only about a year I thought this was about as much as we would pay for a new one.  Plus, it's convertible in 3 different ways and incredibly easy to put together!

Baby Mod - Modena 3-in-1 Cool Grey crib from

I have a few more walls to complete for his room, so I'll be keeping you posted very soon!

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