Home Goods Haul: Keira & Ryker's Room

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Home Goods has been my all time favorite place to find treasures for homes that I've decorated, especially my own.  When people come over and ask where I bought certain pieces whether it be mirrors, dressers, frames, you name it -  80% of the time I bought it from Home Goods. It's an interior designers secret place to shop and most of the things you'll find there are one of a kind pieces that you can't find restocked again...or you might be able to find it elsewhere at possibly double, even triple the price!

Check out some of the cool pieces I snagged for Keira's new room and Ryker's nursery...and a few things for mommy. ;)

WARNING:  Home Goods can sometimes be evil...it tempts you to spontaneously buy amazing pieces that you don't necessarily need at the moment, or don't even have the exact spot for yet...so buyers beware!

For Ryker's Room:

- A black candle holder & a yellow and white candle
(My original intention was to put this in Rykers room on a white hanging shelf out of a childrens reach, but I think it's actually best to keep it on the fireplace instead since it just isn't kid friendly ;)
* This is a perfect example of that WARNING notice I listed above)
However, in my defense...you can always find the perfect spot for it, it just takes some re-arranging.

- The PERFECT ultra-soft throw blanket for my glider for Ryker's room.
(It's Black and White with the perfect tree branch motif we have for the nursery)

- A black, white, and silver pocket watch wall clock 
(I thought it was great because it had a storybook feel to it, plus it isn't girly at all, and at $12.99 I just couldn't pass that up!

- A black bird and tree branch frame
(Perfect again for the tree theme)

- A White Owl Bank 
(Keira fills her pig up with the change she finds on the couch, so Ryker needs to have his own bank)

For Keira's Room:

- Two Round Red Ruffle Pillows to match her hanging Red Rose pom pom's I made for her below on the right
(I'll do a DIY tutorial on it soon)

- A modern hourglass with light turquoise sand 
(I thought it was a fun way to keep track of the time she had left to play before bedtime)

For Daddy & Mommy:

- A portable lap desk for your laptop with an LCD lamp 
(My friend actually got burned because he fell asleep with his laptop on his lap, so at $12.99, I think it's worth buying)

- New Inspiration Board
(I love that it has a cabinet door - it's like a shadow box, but with this one you can just use pins to put up your photos or clippings since it's padded and lined with linnen)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!
Happy Hunting!!!

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