Bedroom Dreamin'

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Being sick has definitely put a hinder on my home decorating projects these days.  I have to remember that I am almost 7 months pregnant so I do need to take it easy on myself, its just that there is so much to do around here and I want to do it all and be done with it - only problem is that I just seem to always want to add more things to do on my list :)

I've been spending a lot of time in bed lately because I just can't seem to fight off this cold / sore throat / cough that I think my family keeps passing around to each other.  It's got me thinking about bedrooms a lot, especially since I've been spending a ton of time in one these days.

While I do love our current deep plum bedroom and plush white cozy Tempurpedic bed...who is to say that I can't dream a little?

Here's what I dream of...

canopy & white...clean lines...

I've always loved to decorate my bedroom in a way that it somewhat feels like a hotel suite...minus the nightly rate

Here's what Erik dreams of....

(I wouldn't complain - it's beautiful!!!)

Here's Keira's dream room...

And I'm not sure yet if Ryker would like this room, but it is one pretty COOL room!

Sweet Dreams!!!!

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