Decode Your Baby's Cry!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My sister just recently turned me on to the "Dunstan Baby Language" and I just couldn't believe how accurate it really was in decoding a baby's cry! According to Priscilla Dunstan, there are 5 words that babies use to communicate to adults through their cries.

There are 5 dominant sounds that babies make during these cries that you can hear to help you understand what they really need.  I watched the DVD today and used these techniques to try to figure out what Ryker needed when he started to cry and it actually worked!

The 5 words/sounds they make are listed below.  This video interview from the Oprah Show also gives a glimpse of the language.  The DVD is definitely worth watching though - it tells Priscilla's story of how she was able to figure out this language, plus the samples they show are great in getting more familiar with these different cries.

Sound  =  What baby is feeling
"NEH" = Hungry
"OWH" = Sleepy or Tired
"HEH" = Discomfort (too hot or too cold, or diaper is wet)
"EAIR" = Lower Gas Pain/Discomfort
"EH" = Burp Me

I hope this can help you mommies out there... I know how tough it can be when your baby is crying and all you want to do is find a way to help soothe them.  This is definitely worth a try!

Let me know how it works for you!
Happy Thursday!

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