Go on Time Out!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Everyone needs a time out every once in a while.  My daughter wouldn't agree with me on that, but as an adult I think we all need a break every so often.  After I had Ryker, my days would just go by so quickly at home, with two kids, that by the time I got the chance to look at the clock it's already 9:00 at night.  Now, I have not only just one planner, but TWO - because I needed more space to write down my daily "To Do" Lists.

Today, my wonderful husband wanted to give me a "Mommy time out".  So, he sent me out of the house to spend some time to myself while he stayed home and helped with all the vacuuming and cooking for the day!  It was so awesome and I'm so grateful for him.  It was such an unexpected nice gesture and very well appreciated.  When I got home I just felt so refreshed and so excited to see my family and he just looked so cute with Ryker on the bjorn!  

Now, don't forget to go on your time out! ;)

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