Workspace Wednesday - Craft Edition

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm a sucker for crafting and DIY projects and since I've converted our 3rd bedroom into Ryker's nursery I wish I had another extra room to convert into my craft space.  So, until we can start our extension I've migrated my crafting area to our dining room table, my easel onto my backyard deck, and have somehow managed to store all my things in the closet and in my vintage secretary desk. Since the weather has been really nice out, it's actually been a great treat for me to be able to paint outdoors while watching Keira play on the swing set.  However, this shortage of creative indoor work areas has got me thinking of clever home office spaces, or should I say "cloffice" spaces. 

Closet offices are SO Cool!

I love how femme and cozy this space feels.  The colors work very well together and that disco ball adds a touch of glamorous fun to the room!
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It's great to have a craft space where you can shut the doors after you've made big mess right before bedtime...
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I definitely need to upgrade my Inspiration Board!
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For the meantime, I don't mind sharing my indoor crafting space with my talented little artist

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