Highlights of My Week

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi Everyone,
I know I've been lagging a bit on my Weekend Highlights posts, so I've decided to do a "Highlights of My Week" instead since so much goes on throughout the week. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
My dad was so cute being "Super Lolo" ("Lolo" = "Grandfather" in Tagalog)

My friend celebrated her Engagement Party - it was beautiful (and so was this marble fireplace!!)

This was such a gorgeous idea for a hanging photo collage of the couple!

Look at Ryker checking out my friend's daughter (she's just a few weeks older than him)
Remember this photo?

I got new Hello Kitty slippers for the house - love it! Only $9.99 at Ross!

Happy 4 Month Birthday to my best boy creation - I love you so much Ryker Keane!

Leopard print Dolce and Gabbana
Leopard Print Painting by ME

Up Next: New Goodies Coming To MY SHOP

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