Big Backyard Bubbles

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bubblemakers

This weather has been so unpredictable lately, so we get super excited when the sun comes out to play - especially Keira and Erik.  I came home to find the two them blowing big bubbles out in our backyard, but not from the typical bottle of bubbles you buy from the store...instead from a tupperware filled with dish soap and water, an attachment from our leaf blower, and a water bottle cut in half!

As I stepped out onto the deck, Keira pulled my hand and said, "Come here Mommy I have to show you something I made with Daddy!" I looked at what she was holding in her hand coming to realize that she had found the missing attachment to our leaf blower, then I saw her run out and dip it into a bowl of water and this is what I saw...

Keira with her vacuum attachment and bubble concoction 

...and it works!

...Daddy's turn now


Sometimes, sunny days remind us that one of the best reasons to have kids is to be able to act like one when you go outside to play with them!

Cheers to more sunny days to come!

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