New Pregnancy Essentials

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Being pregnant calls for a new set of daily "ESSENTIALS" and here are a few of the things that I now need once again...
Pregnancy Essentials

Prenatals:  My sister recommended these Organic Prenatals which I actually bought from Whole Foods and I love it, you have to take it 3 times in a day, but I find it a bit milder than just taking one fat vitamin pill a day.  I also take Omega-3, which is also very important for prego women to take. Added bonus, it's also helps keep your eyes healthy.

Water: My husband always keeps me on track of me drinking at least 12 glasses of water a day.  It's very important for the baby and for yourself to stay hydrated, plus it's a great way to further prevent stretch marks.

Mama Mio Stretch Mark Oil & Body Butter:  This is amazing and it has lasted me 6 months now. I lather this on daily and sometimes twice a day, definitely after a warm bath.  I put this oil on first and then layer the body butter on top to keep the moisture sealed in.

Skinny Jeans (or Jeggings) & Stretch Leggings:  It's been so cold lately that I've been having to wear boots almost every day because my feet get so cold - so skinny jeans have been my best friend!  I love the Old Navy low cut Maternity stretch leggings they're so comfortable!

Fashionable Flats / Boots / Running Shoes: I bought these Sam Edelman Icelynn flats a couple years ago, but they are one of the most beautiful pair of flats that I own because I LOVE crystals and there are a lot of them on this shoe, plus I love the metallic iridescent finish on the upper.  Find something that keeps you feeling glamorous, even if you can't wear heels all day long anymore for the time being...even my Simply Vera Wang rugged boots have rhinestones on them!  Also, if you're going to go sporty, try a bright fun color for your running shoes. Erik bought me these Nike Lunarfly's not too long ago.  I love them - they're so comfortable and plus they make me feel bright and happy...even when it's a bit hard to see my feet with my belly in the way!

Great Read:  This Belly Laughs book by Jenny McCarthy is hilarious. I've read it twice, both times I was pregnant and it still makes me laugh.  I highly recommend it.

Great pair of Earrings:  Of course I have to say that I just love feather earrings, especially bright ones from Velvet Throne ;).  They're so light to wear and the bright colors make your face just glow even more.  Also, since it's a bit tough to wear a lot of accessories like layers of long necklaces (since they almost always touch my baby bump and never quite sit right on me right now) - earrings are the perfect way to accessorize!

Now for Beauty:  I'll do a separate post for my normal daily makeup & skincare products I love to use, but for now my favorites that I use EVERYDAY are:

Daily Moisturizer:  I've been using Body Shop's Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. It feels great and smells refreshing.

Eyeliner: My MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack is my daily go to liner.  However, on days where I want it to stay put longer, I use MAC Superslick Eyeliner in On The Hunt Black color (this is definitely on my hospital packing list when I deliver! It will NOT come off your eyes!!)

Lipstick:  MAC Angel Lipstick.  I love this color, it's the perfect lip shade of pale nude pink on my skintone.

Can't forget to "Contour":  IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette - I am obsessed with contouring my cheekbones.  I own a TON of products for facial contouring and highlighting, but this is my all time favorite kit because it has different shades for contouring and highlighting your face.  Plus it has a mirror and cheat sheet on the inside cover.  It's perfect, especially if you're new to contouring - you'll just love it. It seriously can take 10 lbs off your face by slimming your cheekbones and highlighting other areas of your face.  It works wonders especially when you're eating for two ;)

Cheers to a happy mommy and happy belly!

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  1. I will try the contouring! I love reading your blogs! Love you!



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