Life Shift: From collecting Christian Louboutins'... to caring for little ones...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It feels like a moment ago I was debating over what could possibly be the most justifiable reason for me to spend $1000 on another new pair of Christian Louboutin heels… and the next moment I’m trying to figure out what the best pre-school would be in our area that wouldn’t completely exceed our monthly budget!  Along with that, I have now noticed that my email inbox which was once filled with Net-a-Porter, Nordies, and Neiman emails informing me of "Insider" SALE events have now been replaced with Baby Center, Circle of Moms, The Daily Kick, and Martha Stewart Living emails with "Insider" TIPS on how to balance work and family life.  Could it possibly be that if you met me today and didn’t know me at all 3 years ago, you might not have even believed that I am the same person! Okay, well some things haven’t changed that much. I still love fashion and shopping, but now I’ve just found ways to do it logically where I wouldn’t need to justify it to my husband - especially now that there are 3 (and soon to be 4) of us.  Just because those single, selfish, extra income, no rent days are over - doesn't mean that my style has to suffer ;)

I’ve found better ways to shop and came up with some DIY projects that are chic and budget friendly!  Along with that - I’ve taken on a few new interests that I’m very excited to share with everyone, like my Velvet Throne Accessory Line and newly opened ETSY shop.  This has become my new way of living in style without having to break the bank!  These days, I get as much joy just watching my little "fashionista" daughter try on all my shoes (oh does she love the heels)! Check her out here doing this “photo shoot” in our backyard. She was loving it!

I know it’s a bit scary to think that in a few years she may already be wanting to actually wear these out, but for now…hey, at least someone in the house gets to wear the Louboutin’s! ;)

The moral of the story is.... 
Save your money!  The best justification for NOT spending $1000 on a pair of new designer heels is to realize that after you carry a baby for 10 months and want to get back into those gorgeous shoes…most likely they’ll just end up being too tight to even wear!

Lesson Learned!  Cheers to that! ;)
Have a great day everyone!

*Photo Credits: Me

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