Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wow! Time does FLY!!!

This weekend we went to our 3D Ultrasound appointment at 3D Baby Vu in Pleasanton, Ca - I highly recommend them (their packages are great and the photos are high quality).  It looks as if this little boy may be another big baby because he's measuring out to be about 2 weeks older than my EDD (estimated due date) putting him in the 87-90% percentile in growth already...and he's still in the womb!  When Keira was born she was only 6 lbs 11 oz, but 21 inches long and she's still in the 90 percentile in height!  I guess they got that from their Daddy! I just hope he's as good to me as Keira was when it's time for him to come out!

Ryker Keane at 30 (...or 32) weeks

His eyes are wide open already!

It's crazy how detailed these ultrasound photos can be!


They even gave us this little cute bear with Ryker's heart beat recorded so you can hear it when you squeeze him!

We can't wait to meet you little big guy!

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