Ryker's Nursery Update

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I've been feeling a bit more nervous lately that I might deliver a lot sooner than expected because I've already dropped and having an extremely difficult time sleeping at night because this boy is getting SO heavy! This has led me to get moving with my progress for Ryker's Nursery.  Here's what we were able to do so far...

I decided to do a photo frame wall collage with wooden elements as well as some gold, silver, and yellow accents

I painted this  yellow and grey piece for Ryker's room to add a pop of color and balance to this wall collage.

Can't forget the Owl Bank and the wooden elephant!

We were finally able to hang up the mirror and the frames for this changing table area.  I actually found this mirror at Home Goods on Clearance for $20!  It was painted a distressed off white color, so I spray painted the frame Gold.  I'll post before and after photos HERE shortly.   I had to make sure to hang it high enough so Ryker can't grab it while he was on the changing table.

I'm still waiting on my changing pad cover to arrive as well as the prints from the maternity photo shoot so I can replace these default frame photos ;)

I scored this wicker rocking chair on Craigslist.  This is actually going in the living room once we get our glider for the nursery in place.  That one is more comfortable to fall asleep in and this one I thought would be perfect for the living room during the day time so I can watch both of the kids out there.

Of course, Erik got a case for his Champion's League ball.  We're still also waiting for the crib bedding to arrive so I'll post more photo updates on that soon!

I hope you enjoy your week!!!

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