Cool Children's Books

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here are a few of my favorite children's books for both girls and boys.  The illustrations are great and the covers are so adorable that it can really compliment your child's room or nursery color or theme - so why not display it (like I did in Ryker's room)?  Actually, even if I didn't have a daughter, I think I would have still purchased The Little Piggy Went to Prada for myself.  The illustrations are lovely to look at and the rhymes are quite fun read!  

1. Different Like Coco
2. I Had a Favorite Dress
3. This Little Piggy Went to Prada
4. Sparkle and Spin
5. The Cat at Night
6. Along a Long Road
7.  Bruno Munari's ZOO
* All books above can be purchased from

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