Readers Request: More Black & White Hotel Style Duvets

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi guys,
I've gotten a couple emails from readers asking me if I knew of any other black and white "hotel style" duvet covers since they were unable to purchase the same bedding that I had ordered here before it got sold out yesterday.  I'm so happy to know that at least one of my readers was able to score a set for herself (yay Karen!) and I'm hoping that the other set left in stock yesterday went to another one of my readers out there too!  That would be awesome!  Here are a few more similar style duvet sets that I found at pretty affordable prices.  I hope you guys like them also!

This 3-piece duvet cover set pictured below is from and is only $50 right now.  It doesn't come with the bed skirt, but this one will probably go fast as well.  I'm loving how simple the Black lines are - very classy.
Hurry! click HERE to buy ( tends to sell out very quickly)

This set has the same bold Black lines as the one I purchased, but also minus the bed skirt.  It's $75 for a 5-piece set from Amazon, but it's also 100% Egyptian Cotton so it's probably a bit softer to the touch.
Click HERE to buy

This set below is a little different.  It sort of remides me a bit of a tuxedo, but I'm still liking the Black & White (I think it's just that 3-button pillow that's bothering me a bit), but at $50 for this 8-pc set - it's a score! 
Click HERE to buy
Plus, with that extra money you saved buying this set, you can replace that button pillow with this beauty...
Gold Pillow can be purchased HERE
I hope these options help.  Hopefully you'll get to score a new bed set for your "hotel"bedroom suite.  If you do, I'd love to see some pics!

*Please send questions/photos to

Have a great weekend everyone!
- Kathy

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