Ryker the Striker's First Photo Session

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time is flying by once again and my little boy is growing up so fast! Ryker will already be 11 weeks old on Saturday and at his 2 month doctors visit he measured up to be in the 97 percentile in height and 90 percentile in weight! Yes, he definitely got that from his daddy.
I realized that I wasn't able to do a posting yet on Ryker's first photo session with my talented photographer / brother, Ron. So here are a few amazing shots he was able to get of our little guy just a couple weeks after he was born.
Behind the scenes shot at my house
Of course Erik had to buy the 2012 Champions League Ball
I got this cute soccer bean bag chair at Toys R Us - it's a great prop for a DIY baby photo session
This is one of my faves!
I'll have to remember to have that one framed for him once when he get's his first office job!
My sister-in-law crocheted that soccer ball.  He was originally supposed to fit entirely in it, but since he was so long he could only fit his little booty in it! It turned out SO cute nonetheless! Thank you Z!
Yes, he did sleep through the whole shoot!
I can snuggle with him forever
Our All Star Boy
and here he is now at 2 1/2 months old....
... more alert, chubbier, and just chillin out and enjoying the new fluffy bed pillows!  
(BTW, I'll be doing a separate bedroom posting on my new duvet set shortly - I'm just loving it!)

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