The Best DIY Necklace Display Rack

Friday, September 21, 2012

I've had my share of a number of necklace displays - tree branches, hooks, organizers, see through jewelry boxes - you name it!  However, no matter what I did, it usually resulted in an additional 5 minutes of untangling necklace knots before I could even leave the house.

In my opinion, this display is what I found to be the easiest, neatest, most efficient, and inexpensive way to keep your necklaces in order.  Accessories are just as important as your wardrobe - so, why not treat them like part of your closet and hang them up on their very own "hanger" hooks?

 Here's all you need:
Rail & S-Hooks from IKEA

$10 + No Necklace Knots = a VERY :) Kathy

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