Weekend Update

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So excited! I got an early anniversary present - the new Chanel COCO NOIR.  Classic.

Erik and I had our date night Friday and after we each got ready separately we then realized we matched each other without even knowing it! Guess it happens after being together for a while ;)

matchy matchy!!
We attended a Halloween party with the kids on Saturday.  I normally dress up, but this year I decided to wear my lace mask and a matching lace top.  Erik was The Green Arrow (it's actually a really good show - it's become one of our faves). He was so excited to make his last minute costume props himself out of PVC pipe, hemp rope, cardboard scraps, bamboo sticks, and green feathers (for his arrows).  It was too cute!
Keira was Cinderella and she wanted me to paint her face - she LOVED it! It reminded me of when I was little and I always got a unicorn painted on my cheek :)

I had to decide on outfits for the kids to take photos in on Sunday and I forgot Keira had this cute Burberry dress.  Ryker could barely fit into his white shirt, but his tie matched her dress really well though - and he's all the "Business on top, Party on the bottom" ;)

Right when I thought I had decided on the perfect outfit for each of them, just moments after this photo was taken Ryker started crying because his shirt was too tight on him and Keira said she wanted to wear a different dress  - so I decided to change their outfits so they both were happy. 
Yup, Keira's definitely not camera shy!


Wooo hoo!! We're proud of our San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series!!! The city is going to be crazy on Wednesday for the parade!

Cheers to another week and a HA-HA-HAPPY Halloween!

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